Opening address, or casual greetings

PHILSCI.INFO was launched in 1999 to record and show my personal notes and logs without its own domain name. It was entitled The Private Porch for the Philosophy of Science as a part of my website. And on 31th March of 2005, as you may know a result from WHOIS record, I registered a new domain name (philsci.info) to make an website something like a news site plus my weblog. But it is not my intention to make an website where I collect huge amount of papers, conferences, links, and weblog entries. So this website would be a better place to show my personal works.

Anyways, still I would like to read and study my themes: causation, laws of nature, necessity, supervenience, computation and information, empirical equivalence and underdetermination, the ontological status of probability, or others in which the average student in the philosophy of science may be interested. And I would like to add my pages and reviews on these topics. Most or almost writings are non-professional articles (not refereed), and I am very appreciated reading your criticism on emails or comments at some SNS.

I (Takayuki Kawamoto) am a Japanese person working as Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) and general manager of information security office in a small company for the web development agency and online services. I had read the philosophy of science at the graduate school in Kansai University (master program) and Kobe University (doctrate), and then I was endowed the master degree in Literature (specialty: the philosophy of science and logic) from Kansai University with my thesis “the concept of probabilistic causality” in 2007. But I retired my doctoral program before the last year so I do not have a Ph.D. degree after all. Now I am a member of Philosophy of Science Society, Japan.


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